SMS Tracking – How to See Another Phone’s Incoming and Outgoing Messages

text messages in particular, then you have various options which can grant you full access to the smart phone’s data. It will also allow you to know more about the phone’s owner and his recent activities. In short, you get to spy on a child, spouse, a relative or an employee’s cell phone.

Bug or Spyware?

A locator or SMS tracker can come in two forms – hardware and software. A lot of phones in the past are bugged with hardware trackers. So if you want to know your child’s whereabouts using his cell phone, you will need to put a device on the phone itself to be able to do this.

Hardware-based bugs can also be turned off or on at will. This version works best in locating the owner of the smart phone more than collecting messages or getting the phone numbers of persons who called your loved one, meaning, hardware isn’t as reliable as the ones you see on spy films.

Hardware versions also tend to be noticed or discovered by more tracked individuals. This can get embarrassing on your part so rather than suffer the wrath of that person, it’s better to rely on the software versions.

Software-based trackers or spyware programs is much-easier to install. First, even newbies will be able to do it. And if the owner of the phone didn’t see you install it the first time, then he’ll have no way of knowing that you are actually spying on him. Once you have finished installing it on the phone, it can gather all the text messages from the phone, even emails, phone call records and the contacts’ names.

SMS Tracking – How to See Another Phone’s Incoming and Outgoing Messages

Installing an SMS Tracker

If you don’t want your spouse, child or employee to know that you’re tracking their text messages, you need to be very careful on the very first step of the installation because this is the only time that you’re going to lay your hands on the phone. Just drop the link that is provided by the spyware onto the smart phone that you’re going to track. Installation will only take a few minutes so make sure to do this when the person is asleep or when he’s doing something lengthy.

Once you’ve installed the software, all you need to do is to have a steady internet connection and you’ll be able to access it anywhere in the world.

If all this seems complicated to you, then use a software program that even the world’s biggest dummy can utilize:

Imagine having 24/7 access to the text messages of your loved one! Finally, you can lay your worries to rest or you can confirm the dishonesties that are being done to you. The great news is, you can check on the phone’s messages anytime and anywhere that you want and your spouse or child won’t have the slightest inkling about what you’re up to.

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