We all are familiar with the social media that Whatsapp is and also use it well. Whatsapp has nowadays become the major source of communication among people and is widely used all around the world. You can track down a person easily if got access to their Whatsapp account, but that is not always. To trespass this problem you can easily use the WhatsApp spy apps available out there. These widely popular apps are easily available online and can be used by you to keep a track of anyone. Some of the apps are listed below.


  1. Copy9

This WhatsApp spy app is available free of cost for Android systems. It not only helps you view the messages but also other data on the app, including the messages, shreds media, and the calling history. It is absolutely free and comparatively easy to use. This app is a basic one and does not contain any of the advanced features like other Whatsapp spy software.

  1. Spy Phone App

This app is recently launched and used by a lot of people because of its high-quality services and features. In addition to tracking down Whatsapp, this app also gives you an additional feature to keep an eye on the other phone applications as well. You can easily step up and easily learn how to spy Whatsapp with the help of this app. It is available online free of cost is guarantees hundred percent safety to all its users along with the detailed report of the tracked device.

  1. MxSpy

This app makes is the perfect solution for how to spy Whatsapp. You can easily track down any Whatsapp account with this app absolutely free of cost. Also, this application provides you a detailed e-mail of all the log information of the tracked device. You need not pay any extra amount to avail this service it is included in the application feature list.

  1. Easy Phone Track

This Whatsapp Spy app provides you detailed information on the tracked device just at a cost of USD $120. This application is very easy to use as well as completely reliable one. It provides you every bit of information desired and will never let the user down. Because it is a paid application, it surely provides you a few extended features than the others.

  1. 9SpyApps

This Whatsapp tracker is available just at a price of USD $49.97 and is the one to be totally relied upon. This application is very easy to use and provides you a detailed report of all the activities done on the tracked device. It does not give any kind of notification to the owner and works quite invisibly on the device.


How to spy Whatsapp is what most of us want to know, and this article gives sufficient answers to this question. All of the Applications listed are totally safe to use and very easy to learn. These applications, if used wisely, can help you through a lot of tracking and spying.