What is SMS spy app?

The SMS spying app is unique that allows the user to spy on text messages, GPS, calls and any other activities of another phone.

This app is specially designed for tracking the victim’s phone via remotely and gets them to collect data from another cell phone and then display it on your own mobile phone.

what is sms spy

All you have to do is to have a device or tablet and a reliable internet connection. When you use this app, it requires you to install it on the victim’s mobile devices.

However, this SMS app is such an excellent choice of mobile phone spy to monitor the activities of others without knowing them.

The spy app is always a user-friendly that allows the user to listen the conversation of others secretly from one place. Once you have installed this app, you need to set a PIN and keep the mobile phone in silent mode and hide a phone where you specially wish to spy.

Once you send an SMS to that particular phone, it would call back you again. However, this kind of app is now not only used for knowing the child’s activities, but also know the secret of business, trade and more.

It also provides you a top layer of security, efficiency and reliability in protection against the potential dangers in the web world.

Excellent key features of SMS spy app

The SMS spy app is a type of tracking software that widely used for monitoring the mobile phone activities.

It is a powerful app that enables the user to watch out the entire activities on all types of phones such as android, Blackberry; windows based smart phone, apple iPhone and also Symbian OS mobile phone in real time.

This unique type of app can record the phone activities of your children such as call logs, text messages and contact information and much more. Some of the excellent key features of SMS spy app are given below:


Capture the screenshots of mobile phone screen

  • Log the surroundings and call logs through the live control panel
  • Track the social networking activity like comments, posts, etc.
  • Log the URLs of the visited websites
  • Log the sent SMS text messages and also received on phone
  • Log the Whatsapp messages received and sentfeatures sms spy

How does it work?



The working process of SMS spy software is quite easy and efficient to use. If you wish to use this software, you just download the SMS spy and install it depend on your needs.

After installation, this mobile spy software can records all the upload logs as well as entire activities to the mobile spy app servers. However, this app is an ideal choice to use for monitoring the smart phone users activity more easily.

It not only helps you to keep track of records, but also enables to know many other things as well.  Therefore, the SMS spy app always plays a vital role in the employee monitoring as well as in parental control in these days.

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